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In 1958, the IBTA Board of Directors voted to establish the Telephone Man of the Year Award to recognize outstanding achievements on behalf of the Indiana telephone industry and community affairs by a member of the state telephone industry. In 1972, the name of the award was changed to Distinguished Service Award and the following have been recipients:

Hugh Barnhart 1959
W. J. Scheidler 1960
R. V. Achatz 1961
E. S. Welch 1962
William Roby Sanford 1963
TrippetL. H. Meyer 1964
R. R. Hirschman 1965
LaMar S. Stoops 1966
Roy C. Echols 1967
Virl A. Watkins 1969
C. E. McCormick 1970
J. W. Mitchell 1972
Jack C. Cluen 1974
James O’Connor 1975
C. K. Trippet 1978
Al Beckwith 1979
Gerald Higbee 1982
Gerald D. White 1986
L.J. Swinford 1990
Paul Fletchall 1991
George White 1991

Bennet R. Miller 1993
Howard Pottenger 1994
Clifford Beesley 1996
Bechtel Winger 1997
William H. Earles 1998
Gordon L. Laymon 1999
Jack R. Schutz 2000
Alan B. Terrell 2001
Louis J. Mize 2002
Jack H. Whitlow 2002
Ruthann Richards 2003
Charles Mercer 2004
William McGuire 2005
Alan I. Matsumoto 2007
George Fleetwood 2010
Chris Bonner 2011
Chad Miles 2012
Don Johnson 2016
Neil Krevda 2017


Established in 1977, the Pacesetter Award was created to reward persons who have performed unusual service for the benefit of the telephone industry through IBTA or national industry programs. This award is available to both operating telephone company personnel and associate member company personnel. Those who have received this award are:

Robert O’Bannon 1977
Chris Doyle 1979
Bennet Miller 1981
Ed Wright 1983
Alan Terrell 1985
Richard Juday 1989
Maxine Manning 1990
Jack Whitlow 1992
Robert Miles, Jr. 1994
David Lasher 1998
Mitchell Proctor 1999

Kathy A. Adams 2002
Donald E. Johnson 2002
Alan Matsumoto 2002
Chad Miles 2004
George Fleetwood 2006
Gale Given 2006
Lou Mize 2010
Jolynn Butler 2011
Stephen Bartlett 2012
Tim Miles 2013
William Soards 2016


This award was established in 1994 to recognize extraordinary contribution by an employee of an ITA member company to enhance the technology of the local exchange carrier industry locally, statewide and/or nationally. The award reflects the increased technology that has been introduced into the telephone industry. Those who have received this award are:

William H. Earles, Smithville Telephone Co. 1994
Marvin E. Bailey, Ameritech 1995
Leroy Corya, Southeastern Indiana Rural Tel. Coop 1999
Paul Dauby, Perry-Spencer Rural Tel. Coop 2000
Allen Terrell, Rochester Telephone Co. 2004
Chad Miles and Tim Miles, Enhanced Telecommunications Corp. 2005
Randy Maish, Mulberry Cooperative Telephone Co. 2011
Mark Grady, New Paris Telephone Co. 2012
Mark Dickerson, Pulaski-White Rural Telephone Cooperative 2013
John Greene, New Lisbon Telephone Co. 2016


This award was established in 1951 as the Merit Award to recognize a service performed which far exceeds the regular duty by an employee of the telephone industry in Indiana. In 1977, this award was changed to the Humanitarian Award. The following people have received this award:

Junior Hooks, Rochester Telephone Co. 1952
Dessie Welch, Lewis Telephone Co. 1953
Paul Wolf, General Telephone Co. 1957
Lawrence C. Wright, Indiana Bell Telephone Co. 1958
Robert T. Miles, Sr., Sunman Telephone Co. 1959
James Graham, Indiana Bell Telephone Co. 1960
Joseph Chambers & Harold James, IN Telephone Corp 1961
John A. Ryan, Indiana Bell Telephone Co. 1962
Richard E. Tinkle, Indiana Bell Telephone Co. 1963
James L. Paulson, Indiana Bell Telephone Co. 1964
Delbert Harding & Joe Thatcher, Citizens Telephone 1965
Russell Miller, Tri-County Telephone Co. 1967
Everett R. Kern, Indiana Bell Telephone Co. 1968
Kenneth Neer, General Telephone Co. 1969
Harry Rice & Martha Ritzmann, United Telephone Co. 1972
Ronald B. LaMastus, United Telephone Co. 1973
Donald E. Sublett, Indiana Bell Telephone Co. 1974
Brenda Sue Dunfee, General Telephone Co. 1975
Alvin F. Milham, United Telephone Co. 1976
Edward A. Antonides, United Telephone Co. 1977
Nancy McQuinn, United Telephone Co. 1978
Mark Pate, Indiana Bell Telephone Co. 1979

James R. Bruce, Indiana Bell Telephone Co. 1980
Kevin Kearby, Indiana Bell Telephone Co. 1982
Joseph E. Kimmel, Indiana Bell Telephone Co. 1985
Neal F. Johnson, GTE North Incorporated 1986
Ramiro Morales, Indiana Bell Telephone Co. 1988
Carolyn Battreall, Indiana Bell Telephone Co. 1989
Lyle Kletz, United Telephone Co. 1991
Larry Ruehman, Indiana Bell Telephone Co. 1992
Phil Rund, Indiana Bell Telephone Co. 1992
Timothy Ray Jones, III, Indiana Bell Telephone Co. 1993
Richard J. Miller, GTE North Incorporated 1993
Paul Kisselbach and Peter Roknich, RELTEC Corporation 1995
Buster Bradberry, GTE 2000
Jason Rowlett & Bobby Shane, Enhanced Telecom Corp. 2002
Andy Reed, Ligonier Telephone Company 2007
Shannon Clark, Ligonier Telephone Company 2015
Nancy Wertz, Verizon 2007

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