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SB 3569


A few members have asked about how we would administer the proposed draft language in SB 3569 below. The A section seems somewhat doable because of the student in household language but maybe not easy. Section B seems to have a few issues within it. How does a provider capture the information needed to provide the necessary information that will have to be reported in section B?

I have talked with Senator Young’s office and they are interested in any ideas we might have that would help us make this language easier for our administration and reporting procedures down the road.

Here is the language of the bill:

(A) provides a customer with free or discounted broadband service, or free upgrades of existing service to meet certain capacity and speed needs, due specifically to the presence of a student in the household of the customer who needs distance learning capability; or

(B) voluntarily refrains from disconnecting broadband service provided to an existing customer due to nonpayment or underpayment if the customer—

(i) has a household income, at the time of the nonpayment or underpayment, that does not exceed 135 percent of the Federal poverty guidelines (as determined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services);

(ii)is unable to make a full payment due specifically to the economic impact of the national emergency described in paragraph (3); and

(iii)provides sufficient documentation to the provider to show that the customer meets the criteria under clauses (i) and (ii);

I need your help and ideas as soon as possible. Feel free to email me at or call at 317.695.7887.

Thank you in advance,

Neil Krevda
President, IBTA

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