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10Jun 20

NARUC Lifeline Letter

NARUC Commissioners United States of America Subject: Helping Low-Income Consumers Stay Connected During the COVID19 Pandemic Through the Federal Lifeline ProgramDear NARUC Members:The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact…

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21May 20

Governor’s Executive Order 20-28

The Governor put forth his newest Executive Order today. Below is a link to the Order. 3 (a) (ii) is from today's order and is changed from Executive Order 20-05.The…

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18May 20

Keep Americans Connected Pledge

Good Morning Members,I hope everyone is having a great start to their Monday. I wanted to reach out to get gather some information. I need to know if any members…

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14May 20

IMA Daily Update

Please see the link below from the Indiana Manufacturer's Association. They have created a list for COVID-19 PPE and Safety Suppliers: you are a manufacturer producing equipment and would like…

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30Apr 20

IRHA Press Release

Here is an update on the IRHA Press Release below:  IRHA awarded $828,000 in HRSA fundingto help combat COVID-19 in rural communitiesthrough technical assistance for telehealth. IRHA telehealth group presently…

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29Apr 20

INDOT Permits for Broadband

Good Afternoon Members,I had a few issues brought to my attention by INDOT. You can see their concerns below and the possible thoughts they may have on future changes. The…

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21Apr 20

Public Wifi Hotspots

Good Morning Members, I hope everyone is doing well. I was asked by the LT Governor’s Office on the locations in the State where our members have opened up Public…

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14Apr 20

SB 3569

Members,A few members have asked about how we would administer the proposed draft language in SB 3569 below. The A section seems somewhat doable because of the student in household language…

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